Support EU Directives

Evaluation of economic, ecological and social impact of EU Directives implementation. Advisory support for EU Directives implementation.


Main macroeconomic indicators forecasting. Exchange rate formation mechanism forecasting. Forecasting of tendencies of economy sectors, regions and business entities development. Technical and economic foundation of regional development priorities.

Economic Analysis

Integrated economic and statistic analysis, economic and mathematical modelling of social and economic processes. Cartographic analysis of social and economic processes by administrative and territorial units of different level.

Business Development

Development of investment projects, business plans, including cross-border cooperation. Determination of economic efficiency of projects for development of local mineral and resource base. Project support (from design to execution) in the agriculture development and food security field. Technical and economic foundation of integrated forest utilisation projects, in the field of wood processing, muck extraction and utilisation of secondary raw materials. Design of projects for energy-saving technologies implementation and alternative renewable energy sources usage.

Evaluation Efficiency Of PPP

Evaluation of economic, ecological and social contract formation efficiency of public-private partnership (PPP) (concessions, clusters. rent).

Expert Review

Expert review of natural resources and other real estate types.

Political Consulting

Provision of consulting services to political parties and elaboration of economic blocs of political programmes.

Organisation Of Trainings

Organisation of trainings, conferences, disputes, thematic «round tables», public discussion, seminars and webinars.

Organisation Logistic Flows

Organisation and optimisation of logistic flows based on IT systems.